Apartment and House Pest Control: What’s the Difference?

Whenever you read any information about pest control, it is usually centered around homeowners. Unfortunately, pests are an all-inclusive annoyance, regardless of if you own a home or rent an apartment.

It can be stressful trying to figure out how to rid your home of pests if you don’t know the difference between house pest control and apartment pest control.

How Apartment Pest Control and House Pest Control are different:

In an apartment complex, multiple families live in one structure, with the possibility of pests spreading to multiple families, unlike a single-family home.

This is why apartment complexes have different treatment processes, as shown below:

  • Most apartment management includes a pest policy in your lease to discuss who is at fault for an infestation and how to treat the area.
  • For both, it is important to keep your area clean. If you live in an apartment, you may have strict guidelines about cleanliness. Some companies even refuse to pay for treatment in an apartment if it is not clean and sanitary.
  • In an apartment, you are limited to what you can clean. Sure, you can tidy up the area, throw away the trash, do laundry or even declutter, but that’s basically where your ability to defend your home lies.
  • For houses, you can clean up your yard, caulk cracks or crevices, or any other structural repairs.
  • It’s harder to get an accurate report. For apartment complexes, most residents have to thoroughly search and identify the pests.
  • Apartment complexes have long-term monitoring. Although as a homeowner, you can set up routine checks, most complexes are required to have a repetitive schedule to keep pests away. If a company is scheduled to do routine inspections and treatments, but the tenant notices evidence of a pest, the technician could be to blame.
  • Damage costs differ between homeowners and tenants. If you are a homeowner, you are responsible for all costs, unless you have a warranty or payment plan. For tenants, the complex typically pays for broken windows, screens, holes, or vent covers.

In Summary

In an apartment, you have to battle with management about if and when a professional can come to your house. You don’t have to pay for the complete bill, however.

When you own a house, you can have individualized treatments that fit your budget and needs. You have more freedom to make any changes, but you’re also solely responsible for the cost of treatment.

If you want the best pest control service no matter where you live, contact Germantown Pest Control & Termite today. They work with homeowners and apartments, as well as commercial properties for all your pest control needs.

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