Are Pest Infestations More Common During the Winter or Summer?

As we finish off summer and enter the colder months, we may wonder if we’ll see more, less or the same number of pests than now. Are pest infestations more common during the winter or summer? Continue reading to find out. 

Are Pest Infestations More Common During the Winter or Summer? 

There are many insects that can withstand cold temperatures, but as soon as the temperature warms up, the insects will start breeding. This will result in the new bugs starting to breed, making populations thrive the most in the summer. You’re probably seeing these pests in your home throughout the summer:

  • Stinging insects. 
  • Flies.
  • Cockroaches.
  • Ants.
  • Mosquitoes.

What Makes Summer the Most Common Season For Pests?

Hot Temperatures

Rising temperatures in the summer affect the development and behavior of most common pests. Pests with no place where they can avoid heat are the ones that will be seeking shelter indoors, most likely inside your home. 


We all need water to survive, including pests, which explains why a lot of them thrive in moist areas. If there is moisture in the air then that’s a climate most favorable to pests. Some pests move indoors to find damp areas to live in during drought periods. 

Sources of Food

With summer comes a more high abundance of grass and other vegetation. This can lead to a pest population increase until the food source is completely depleted and pests move on.

High Reproduction

You’ll find most pests to be cold-blooded and highly impacted by the weather because of that. As a result, a stage of activity will increase during specific stages of their life cycle in summer. Some pests will increase in enormous size as they reproduce to ensure survival during the colder months. 


Summer has longer days and shorter nights, which means more sunlight within a day. This gives pests plenty of more time to feed. You may see the pests move much more frequently throughout the summer because of this. 

Most summer pests are quite bothersome and can inflict painful bites or stings while also spreading diseases. You must try to rid of any as soon as possible. 

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