Common Types of Wildlife in Our Area

Although wild animals may look cute and adorable, allowing them to take refuge on your property is not a good idea. Not only can animals cause property damage, but they also carry nasty diseases. Here is some of the wildlife that we tend to encounter in our area.


Understandably, a lot of residents tend to have a deep fear of snakes. The truth of the matter is that these slithery serpents actually help eliminate other pests such as small rodents and cockroaches. While some snakes are nothing more than just a nuisance, others can be quite dangerous. The copperhead, timber rattlesnake, water moccasin, and pigmy rattlesnake are all venomous. If you happen to encounter a snake on your property, call a professional immediately!


Known for harvesting nuts, squirrels are among the most common animals in the area. While squirrels may appear to be harmless, they have the potential to become big-time troublemakers. They love to take up residence inside attics and chimneys. Once squirrels gain access to your home, it’s only a matter of time before they start to cause destruction. Aside from chewing up insulation and gnawing through electrical wires, squirrels will create an extremely unsanitary environment.


A skunk is a stinky animal that you should avoid at all costs. When threatened, skunks will release a putrid odor that sends everyone running for the hills. They will also dig under your home’s foundation, which means extra repair costs. Because skunks have such a powerful defense mechanism, it’s not a good idea to trap them on your own. In the blink of an eye, you could end up being sprayed.


Don’t underestimate the amount of trouble that armadillos can cause. Featuring a protective shell and large front claws, armadillos are built like tanks. In an effort to find earthworms and termites, these burrowing animals will intensely dig into the ground. This is definitely bad news for homeowners. From gardens to flower beds, an armadillo will destroy anything in its path. Even local golf courses have been damaged by armadillos. If you happen to find plants uprooted in your yard, don’t wait to take action.


Many people consider rats to be the most problematic animals in the area. Because rats are so limber, they can easily contort their bodies to fit into extremely tiny spaces. You must secure your home or business by sealing up any openings. A small problem can quickly become a full-fledged infestation.

When dealing with problematic animals on your property, be sure to contact Germantown Pest Control & Termite. Call today for a free quote on service.

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