Facing Your Fears of the Five Most Common Myths about Lice

Even the thought of head lice cause people to recoil in disgust and experience dreaded sensations of itching. The image of insects taking residence in your hair or on the heads of your family members truly is unnerving. For years, rumors of how lice invade a home have made these crawly creatures the objects of lore. But, in fact, lice are vermin with specific patterns and habits that can be safely and professionally eliminated like any other creature. Understand the common myths about lice, and arm yourself with knowledge for protection of yourself and your loved ones.

Five Myths About Lice

#1 Only Dirty Heads Attract Lice

It is simply not true that lice infestation is a sign of lack of hygiene either in the individual or the home. This only shows that there has been direct contact with an infested person. Don’t feel ashamed if you find evidence or are alerted to the presence of these common pests. Instead, turn your energy into positive steps of action.

#2 Lice Can Jump and Fly

During an infestation of lice, it can seem that these invaders hold magical, menacing powers. However, lice can neither jump nor fly. They almost always crawl directly from head to head, and are rarely transmitted from shared clothing items or combs and brushes.

#3 Home Remedies Can Solve the Problem

People love home remedies, hacks and other tricks to try to get ahead of almost any problem. There are many rumors that washing hair in olive oil or other vegetable oil or mayonnaise will make the hair slippery and cause the nits or adults to slide off. Treatment is not that simple. Lice have sticky feet and nits are firmly attached with a natural, stubborn adhesive.

#4 Lice Love Pets

While lice can be a major irritant to humans, they are not equal lovers of all living things. Lice only attach themselves to human hair, so their feeding and nesting habits are not supported by animal fur. You will not be exposed to lice by your beloved dog, cat or hamster.

#5 Over-the-Counter Treatments are Effective

Many strains of lice have become continually resistant to common methods of treatment. You do not want to get into the negative cycle of repeatedly shampooing with over-the-counter lice treatments. These are often damaging to the scalp and actually exacerbate the problem. Often only a trained professional can free you from the fright of lice once and for all.

When faced with the reality of a lice infestation, do not hang your head in shame or rely on useless home remedies or ineffective over-the-counter products. Instead, approach your problem with knowledge and seek professional treatment for complete lice extermination. Call Germantown Pest Control today for all of your lice removal needs.

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