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Are There Different Species of Termites?

Unbeknownst to most people, there are nearly four dozen species of termites that are native to the United States. Although not all species are found in all environments, the 45 known species can be classified into three general categories: drywood, dampwood, and subterranean. Termites in each of the three families have similar characteristics and exhibit certain unique types of behavior. Drywood Termites Drywood termites are typically found living inside wood structures. These may include anything from recently deceased trees to hardwood floors inside homes. While they share some characteristics with subterranean termites, the colonies themselves grow at a much slower rate, which means they are less likely to do considerable damage to buildings and other structures. Drywood termites can generally be identified early on in the infestation and eradicated before the structure itself is damaged beyond repair. Desert Drywood, Southeastern Drywood, and Western Drywood are particular species that can cause...
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