Pest Control in Warmer Months

After a long winter, the warmer months seem heavenly. We can spend time outside, enjoy our yards, and get reacquainted with our old friends, the mosquitoes! Of course, nobody actually likes mosquitoes, but you can’t get through summer without one or two bites. They won’t be the only pest you run into, however, so you can’t slack on pest control in the warmer months. Here’s what you need to look out for come spring and summer.

Bees and Wasps

While these pollinators play an important role in the environment, bees and wasps taking up residence in and around your home puts you — and them — at risk. While you can find many over the counter products for dealing with bees and wasps, Germantown Pest Control can do a more thorough job by using environmentally friendly techniques.


They say love is in the air when spring hits, and for termites, that’s especially true! The warmth of spring signals to termites that the time has come to leave the nest, mate and start new nests of their own. Come summer, they kick it into overdrive as the queen starts laying eggs!


Ants begin leaving their nests in spring to forage for food. As the weather gets warmer, they will venture farther, eventually leading into our homes. They will continue this quest for food throughout the summer, in even greater numbers. At home solutions may provide temporary relief, but, in many cases, only professional treatment can end the problem for good!

Pest Control in Warmer Months

These are just a few examples of pests that you will encounter in warmer weather. Bed bugs, rodents and flies will also become more prolific and will eagerly look to your property as a great source of food and shelter. Don’t let that happen!

You simply can’t ignore pest control in warmer months. Luckily, Germantown Pest Control can handle all of your pest control needs in any season! If you’ve seen any signs of infestation, contact Germantown Pest Control right away. We’ll schedule an inspection, find the root of the infestation and do whatever it takes to eliminate it for you. Whatever pest problems you have, Germantown Pest Control has your back, no matter the season!

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