Pests Could Be Harming Your Furry Friends…

Your furry friends are more than simply pets, they’re a part of your family and as such, they deserve your protection. One of the things you should protect your pets from are the pests that can invade your property.

To help you keep your furry friends safe from harm, we’ll go over some of the pests that you need to look out for and keep your pet away from. 


Cockroaches won’t usually go around your pets, however, they do enjoy snacking on any pet food that they can get their hands on. While they’re snacking away, they’re also spreading dangerous bacteria or viral diseases.

To avoid them from getting into your pet’s food, keep their food sealed and out of the way in a safe location. 


Ants don’t only bite people. Ants don’t care what kind of creature it is, they’ll bite the moment that they feel threatened. 

Not only can they be dangerous to your pet if stepped on, but there is also the risk of ants getting into your pet’s food. An ant infestation in your pet’s food can lead to a serious number of bites on your animal's face. 

To protect your pets from ants, make sure there are no ant hills in your yard and keep your pet’s food sealed and in a secure location. 

Rats & Mice

You may think it’s a normal thing for your cat to chase a mouse, but if they catch and eat that mouse, it could have serious consequences. Rodents have been known to carry diseases or parasites and they could end up being transferred to your pet. 

Aside from the diseases or parasites, there’s also the risk of your pets ingesting some leftover bait poison that the rodent got into. 

To keep your pet safe from rodents, make sure your home is sealed properly so they can’t find their way in. 

Spiders or Bees

Both spiders and bees won’t go after your pet under most circumstances, but they will bite/ sting if threatened and your pet may accidentally make them feel that way. 

Check your property for bee hives and large webs regularly to ensure your pet doesn’t put themselves in harm’s way. 

Protect your pets

The best thing you can do to protect your pet from pests is to address the pests head-on. If you have one or more of these pests, contact professional help to handle them. The last thing you want and the last thing your pet deserves is to be bothered by any one of these pests. 

At GermanTown Pest Control, we have the knowledge and experience to keep your furry friends safe from any harm. Contact us today to take care of pests and protect your pets!

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