Protecting Your Storage Unit from Rats

When placing items into your storage unit, you’re probably not planning on it becoming infested with rats. In fact, you’re probably too preoccupied with other details regarding your move or other tasks that you need to accomplish. Unfortunately, it’s possible that some of the items in your unit can attract rodents. Keep reading for ways to protect your storage unit from rats.

Keep Items Sealed

The best way to detract pests is to make sure that they are properly cleaned before being packed away. If items are free from crumbs and debris, there’s less of a chance of attracting critters. Also, be sure to place these cleaned items into airtight containers. Rather than using cardboard boxes, which have been known to attract rodents, buy plastic totes.

Don’t Pack Food

It may seem like an obvious solution to keeping away pests, but some people will place food items into their storage unit. Whether by mistake because they are in a hurry, or they think that the food will be well protected- it isn’t wise to store food in a unit. When packing and moving your pantry items, keep the food items in sealed containers and try to move them last.

Keep Boxes Off the Ground

As rodents crawl along the ground and look for new areas to nest, it’s best to keep things off of the ground. Use pallets to place boxes and totes on, or purchase open shelving. This way, your items will be kept safe from critters as well as moisture.

Keep Fabrics Covered

If you are placing mattresses, couches or chairs in your storage unit, then you should plan on protecting them. If left unprotected, rats and other unwanted pests can get into your furniture and make it into their new home. Mattresses can be covered with a plastic cover, as well as non-upholstered furniture. Couches and other fabric-covered couches should be protected with breathable covers in order to keep them from collecting moisture.

Keeping your storage unit free from rats isn’t an impossibility. Visit your unit as often as possible to make sure your items are kept in good condition. Clean your unit as much as you can also. If you find yourself facing a rat infestation, don’t hesitate to contact Germantown Pest Control.

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