Raccoons, Squirrels and Opossums: Wildlife Control

Wildlife can be an amazing thing to observe, as long as it’s outside of your home. Intrusive wild animals are a real problem for many people. A lack of understanding about how to take care of this problem can make it worse. Read on to find out more about three common types of intrusive animals and learn how you can take care of some of the issues they present.


Raccoons are common animals that are easily recognizable by the distinctive rings around their eyes and tail. These nocturnal mammals are excellent climbers and adapt well to a variety of different environments. They are also common carriers of rabies, which is a potentially fatal disease for humans. This set of traits makes them a particularly tricky pest to get out of your home.

The only viable way to get rid of raccoons in your home is to catch and remove them. This is not a straightforward procedure, as there can be multiple living together in one space, including your attic. No raccoon repellent is known to work effectively.


Squirrels may look cute, but they are a real nuisance once inside your home. These fluffy-tailed creatures can chew on wires, pipes, and ducts, and create fire hazards in the process. If squirrels nest in your attic or chimney, they’ll leave fecal matter and urine, which puts your family at risk for various diseases.

To take care of a squirrel problem in your home, you’ll have to trap and remove them, too. Plug any holes that lead from the outside of your house to the inside before removing them, otherwise more can get in.


Opossums are tricky and nomadic. They’re equally suited to living in your attic or under your deck. Furthermore, they’ll eat almost anything, and leave lots of waste around their “home base.” Worse yet, they tend to carry parasites. These things make them one of the worst pests to deal with.

Fortunately, they aren’t terribly smart and tend to be caught easily. There are plenty of elements that go into effectively catching any pest, however, and a surprising amount of laws that dictate how and where a trapped animal can be released. Leave it to the professionals to set the traps.

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