Signs You Have a Roof Rat Problem

A mouse or two in the home is a common occurrence for many people. Traps are set, the mice are caught, and the problem is quickly solved. However, if you have roof rats, which are commonly seen in homes in larger cities, then it might be a good idea to have a professional like Germantown Pest Control & Termite to help get rid of the rodents.

Roof rats are often larger than house mice, and they can quickly damage the wires in the home as well as other components, especially in the attic and walls as this is usually where they live.

Rats are usually more active at night, which means that you usually won't see or hear them until this time. Fortunately, this is also a time when most of the people in the home are asleep or quieter than they are during the day, making it easier to determine where the rats are moving around. If you hear any scurrying in the attic, in the walls of the home, or in any of the rooms of the home, you can set traps to try to catch them. Pay attention to these areas to see if there are any droppings on the floor. If you're quiet at night, you can sometimes see the rats moving around if they come out of their hiding places.

A type of food that rats like to eat is citrus fruit. You might see hollowed fruits in your yard after taking the trash out if there are rats in your home. Since rats usually have longer claws than mice, it will sometimes be easier to hear them clawing. The claw marks that are made on cabinet doors, drawers, and other wooden surfaces are longer and often deeper in the surface than what a mouse would make. Pay attention to how pets in your home act. They can usually sense odors given off by rats, such as urine or fecal matter. Pets will sometimes focus on one area of a room if they hear anything or smell anything, which is usually a sign that there is rat activity.

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