Surprising Places You Might Find Bed Bugs

When you think about where bed bugs hide, you probably think about mattresses and box springs. Even though these are common areas for the small bugs to hide, there are a few other common places that you might want to look if you suspect that the pests are in your home. If you do discover bed bugs, you can contact a professional like Germantown Pest Control & Termite to come to the home and treat for them while preventing future outbreaks over time.

Couches and chairs are common places for bed bugs because you will usually transfer the bugs from your mattress to these areas when you sit down. Look at the crevices of the cushions on the couches and chairs in your home. If you're staying in a hotel or motel, then you should examine these pieces of furniture as well. Sometimes, bed bugs will hide underneath the cushions because it's a darker area that is usually left undisturbed, which means that the bugs can enjoy sleeping, eating, and mating. Check the end tables and coffee tables near the couch and chairs as well because bed bugs sometimes like eating the wood.

Another location in the home, motel, or hotel that you want to examine is the bed frame. Since this is what the box spring and mattress sits on, then it makes sense that bed bugs can migrate to these areas over time. Headboards are also areas where the pests will sometimes live, especially if there is any kind of cloth on the headboard.

If the infestation becomes severe, then you could find bed bugs in the walls of your home or areas of the floor. You might not see the bugs all the time, but if you experience itching at night or have a feeling that something is crawling on your skin while you're on the bed or while sitting on the couch or chair, then you might have bed bugs.

Aside from furniture, bed bugs can invade your clothing, your sheets and blankets, and your curtains. They are usually transferred from one location to another in suitcases or duffel bags.

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