The Importance of Eliminating the Threat of Mosquitoes From Your Property

Your yard is your personal space for relaxation and privacy. Time with your family and friends should not be interrupted by dangerous, disease-carrying mosquitoes. Getting rid of mosquitoes on your property must be done quickly and effectively. Keep reading to learn the dangers of a mosquito infestation and how you can eliminate them for good.

Short Life Cycle of Mosquitoes

One of the main problems with mosquitoes is their short life cycle. Once a female feeds on a host, she quickly looks for a place to lay her eggs. She will deposit eggs at any water source, including bird feeders, water bowls, garbage can lids and other seemingly innocent areas. Eggs hatch anywhere from a few days to months, depending on their submersion in water. 

Once an egg hatches, the mosquito moves quickly through the lifecycle. Larvae develop into mature, biting adults within a week. Because they can fly several blocks within their lifetime, mosquitoes can invade an entire community within a matter of weeks. Stop them before they spread their reign of terror.

Allergic Reactions to Skin

The bite of a mosquito often causes an allergic reaction resulting in swelling, raised bumps and itching. Scratching the affected area results in a breakdown in the skin that can lead to infection. 

The scope of reactions ranges from very mild to severe. Just because you don’t have a strong reaction to mosquitoes does not mean that other family members or guests will not. Preempt the threat of skin reactions by eliminating the problem at its source.

Serious Threat of Diseases

The most urgent problem with mosquitoes is their threat to public health. Malaria, West Nile and Zika virus can all be traced to these deadly creatures. Mosquitoes transmit these diseases through their saliva that carries infected parasites. Once mosquitoes contract these vermin, they inject them into every person that they bite. The spread of these diseases is problematic and can even prove fatal. 

Mosquitoes not only carry diseases that threaten the health of humans, but they are a danger to beloved pets as well. They transmit several diseases of which dogs and horses are susceptible, such as heartworms and encephalitis. You have a responsibility to protect all living beings under your care.

Do not wait to eliminate the threat of mosquitoes from your yard. Call on the experts at Germantown Pest Control

We are professionals at finding points of entry and eliminating an infestation at its source. We treat properties for existing mosquitoes and eggs and take measures to prevent future infestations from occurring. Our attention to detail with the goal of total elimination makes us your ally in the fight against mosquitoes and other pests. Contact Germantown Pest Control today.

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