What Attracts Flies to Your Home?

Do you see flies around your home? It’s a problem many people face in the spring, summer and fall. They don’t just appear out of nowhere, though. Read on to find out more about flies, including what attracts them and what you can do about it.

Are Flies Really a Problem?

In a word, yes. Flies may seem harmless, but they do pose a real danger. The species that fall under the category of “filth flies" are more than just a nuisance. They’re pests that can spread gastrointestinal diseases, ranging from food poisoning to dysentery. Flies lay eggs next to where they get their food. This can be close to your own food. A situation like this puts you at risk of getting sick.

What Attracts Flies?

As was mentioned before, flies go where there is food. As such, they’ll congregate with other flies, as they know that is where food can be procured. They also seek out the smell of other flies. So, if you see flies in your home, expect more.

Certain kinds of flies are drawn to garbage. They like the wet, organic material often found in the trash. The species called blow flies like to lay their eggs in vegetable and meat remnants.

As you may have guessed, fruit flies flock to decaying produce. They crave the sweetness of fermentation. That, of course, is not limited to just fruits and vegetables-- they will also enjoy syrup, alcohol, sweet drinks and even vinegar.

Dirty areas outside of the kitchen can also bring flies into the home. Drain flies and fruit flies are attracted to the debris found in shower drains. Drain fly maggots grow by eating up the bacteria and other material found in unclean drains.

Occasionally, an animal can become trapped inside your walls, and die. This draws in blow flies. These flies will stay for as long as the carcass is fresh.

Can You Prevent Flies?

While there are plenty of reasons flies can end up in your house, most of them are preventable. Borax and water can wash scented fly material off your walls. Seal your trash tightly and take it out regularly. Keep fruit flies at bay by disposing of or refrigerating any overripe produce. Wipe up any spills quickly. Rinse out soda and alcohol containers when you are finished with them. Keep an eye on your drains, too. Clean them frequently and repair any leaks.

If you fear you may have a dead animal inside your walls, you may need to open the wall in question to remove the corpse. Before you do this, remember that flies are only attracted to fresh carcasses and thus won’t stick around for long. Keep windows and doors closed when you can.

If you have a fly issue that is beyond your control, do not wait to contact Germantown Pest Control.

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