What To Do When Your Child or Family Member Gets Lice.

You receive a call from your child’s school, and they tell you that your child has lice. What do you do?

Unfortunately, lice infestations are common, and they don’t always come from school. 

As much as we want the lice to go away on their own, they most likely won’t. 

So, we made this guide to show you what to do when the lice show up!

Here’s step one:

Understand How Bad It Is.

Once you realize there are lice, you need to understand how significant the infestation is. You can do this by wetting the scalp and closely examining it. The eggs should appear around an inch from the scalp on hair strands. 

After you’ve done that, move on to step two:

Begin Treating the Scalp.

You should start with an over-the-counter delousing shampoo. You can follow the instructions on the shampoo bottle or package.

After the treatment, you need to keep the lice from moving back into the hair. The infected person should put on clean clothes and wash the dirty clothes in the washing machine on a hot setting. The hot water should kill the lice. 

Step three:

Rinse and Repeat.

Lice are experts at staying on someone's head. As such, they won’t go without a fight. 

So you need to repeat the treatments several times over a few days. After each treatment, be sure to check the lice. If you notice them moving, you should seek further help from a medical professional. 

Step four:

Remove Eggs With a Comb.

Even after you’ve killed the lice, eggs may remain in your hair. To prevent them from staying there and possibly hatching, you need to remove them.

You should use a fine-toothed comb to remove them. Combs that work best are usually sold with the shampoo that you may buy. 

Finally, step five:

Clean Any Possible Source.

If you want to be sure that you don’t end up with lice in your home again, you need to clean. Specifically, you should vacuum any surface that the infected person was on, soak combs or brushes and wash scarves, hats and any other thing that comes in contact with a person’s head. 

It can seem like a lot, but that’s what it takes to feel secure and clean again, so it’s more than worth it! 

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