Why Bugs Love Bathrooms

The bathroom is our most personal room in the house. It’s where we expect to enjoy absolute privacy without fear of prying eyes. However, bathrooms are also one of the rooms in our homes most frequented by insects. Having a cockroach crawl around your sink when you're trying to brush your teeth can be a horrifying sight that no one wants to experience, so let's look at what attracts pests to your bathroom and how to keep them at bay.

Why Pests Love Bathrooms

There are three main reasons why pests are attracted to bathrooms. The first and biggest reason why bugs and insects love bathrooms is moisture. Bathrooms are filled with plumbing fixtures that use water, from the sink to the shower to the toilet. This creates tons of puddles all over the floor for pests to drink from, not to mention the standing water pooling up in the appliances themselves.

The second reason why bugs love bathrooms is because of all the hiding places they offer. Pests can easily take shelter behind the toilet, in the radiator, and in any of the many cracks and crevices that bathrooms provide. Finally, bathrooms have dozens of entry points that pests can use to creep in. This includes windows, doors, through cracks in the walls and even up the drains, making your bathroom possibly the most vulnerable room in your house to pests.

Pest Proofing Your Bathroom

Now that you know why pests love your bathroom, you’ll be better prepared to keep them out. First, reduce as much moisture as you can by drying the sink and bathtub after each use, and opening the ceiling air vents when you shower. Next, look behind your toilet, under your sink, and any other places you think bugs may be hiding and clean them with disinfectants. Finally, seal all openings by reapplying caulk to worn out tiles, fixing torn window screens and repairing any plumbing issues that are allowing bugs to pass through your pipes.

It may take some time to fully pest-proof your bathroom, but it’ll be worth it when you no longer have to worry about spiders and stink bugs interrupting your relaxing showers. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, visit us at Germantown Pest Control today.

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