Why Do I Have Cockroaches in My Home?

No matter where you live, cockroaches can be a nuisance. These pests can live in both warm and cold temperatures and can be difficult to get rid of completely. Here are some reasons why you may have cockroaches in your home. 


Cockroaches are attracted to food debris and waste, so if you have this in your yard or garage, this can attract cockroaches from miles away. This is how these pests make their way into your home – they become attracted to something they smell and begin seeking the source of the odor, eventually crawling around your property. They are very small critters, and they will find a way into your home through a crack or crevice. Once they are inside your home, they will begin to build their nests. 

Weather Change 

Cockroaches begin looking for shelter when weather gets either too hot or too cold. However, this is more likely to happen when the weather gets too cold, because most types of cockroaches like the heat. During fall and winter, you may start to notice one or two cockroaches in your home looking for shelter. That is a warning sign, as more cockroaches are likely to follow them. Most types of cockroaches travel in groups and build nests together. If you notice even a few cockroaches in your home, you should call an exterminator right away to fix the problem before the roaches begin building a nest. 

Dampness and Leaky Pipes

Cockroaches are attracted to moist areas, so if you have damp, wet areas in your basement or garage, chances are high that cockroaches will appear. To avoid this issue, you should inspect your home and see if there are any damp areas or leaky pipes. Doing this a few times a year can prevent cockroaches and other pests from coming into your home. If you can prevent the problem when it begins, that will save you lots of time and money in the long run. 

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