Wildlife That Tennessee and Mississippi Homeowners May Find on Their Property

From Tennessee to Mississippi, you’ll find a wide variety of wildlife, some of which may happen to come across your property. Here is some wildlife that Tennessee and Mississippi homeowners may find on their property. 


Skunks are very common in Tennessee and Mississippi and are well-known for their incredibly powerful spray. Their spray won’t kill you, nor seriously harm you, but it can cause difficulty breathing and extreme discomfort. Also, the smell of it can linger for days and even weeks. With that being said, you must prevent skunks from ever coming across your property. 

They’re attracted to garbage, pet food left out at night and other low-hanging food. They’re also attracted to convenient denning sites like rock piles, wood and openings under porches. To prevent them, you may want to try removing attractants around your house by feeding your pets indoors, securing trash and covering window wells.


You’ll find the timber rattlesnakes to be mostly found in Tennessee. Rattlesnakes can be found on your property for several reasons. One of the main reasons would be because their prey is there. Snakes will go wherever their prey is present. If you’re attracting many pests, then be prepared to attract the predators looking to eat them. 

Free water sources are one way you may be attracting other animals, and thirsty rattlesnakes as well. Shaded hiding spots will also attract rattlesnakes, so try to maximize your yard’s exposure as much as possible.

Black Bears

Tennessee and Mississippi are both home to black bears, with them being the largest apex predators in Tennessee. To avoid this wildlife from coming across your property, make your trash cans inaccessible. Keep them closed tight or bring them inside at night. Try enclosing your compost pile. When they’re open, they become an irresistible treat for bears. 

Another way to prevent black bears is by recycling more wisely. Use closed bins if you store recyclables, or else persistent bears will break into them. Remember to always keep your barbeque grill clean and free of drippings. Store your grill away from your house when not in use and regularly clean it using bleach or ammonia. 

Whether it’s pests or wildlife that invade your property, Germantown Pest Control offers wildlife removal and pest control services. Contact us today for more information.

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