Your Guide To Ant Species

Ants are a common household pest, and they can range from annoying to hazardous and damaging to your home. By carefully observing ants around or in your home, you can find out what type they are and what danger (if any) that they pose to you and your family. Here are the main types of ants we commonly see in the Tennessee and Northern Mississippi area.

Acrobat Ants

Acrobat ants are unique in that the worker ants of this species will strike a defensive posture when they are threatened which makes them look like a scorpion. They lift their abdomens above their heads, and it’s easy to see why they are known as the acrobat ant. These ants do sting, but fortunately, they don’t usually try to come inside houses.

Argentine Ants

If you step on an ant and notice a strange musty smell, you are most likely dealing with Argentine ants. They like to nest in insulation or any empty area inside walls or outdoors in shady spots during the summer. They can be light or dark brown and luckily do not have the ability to sting.

Asian needle Ant

Asian needle ants are brownish black and have dark orange mandibles. Although they are not aggressive, they have a very painful sting which can cause welts. Drawn to high moisture areas, they are generally found outside and not indoors.

Carpenter Ants

There are many types of carpenter ants, so their physical appearance varies. But all carpenter ants are destructive to wood which makes them an annoying hazard for homeowner’s wooden houses, decks or sheds. Some types of carpenter ants will sting if their nest is disturbed.

Dark Rover Ants

If you notice a trail of very small, dark brown ants making its way to your sugar bowl or other sweet foods, you may have spotted dark rover ants. Commonly known as sugar ants, they are attracted to sweet liquids and usually show up at picnics. They do not sting but can be a nuisance because of their large colony size.

Ants are a common problem in the Tennessee and Northern Mississippi area, and we at Germantown Pest Control have had great success in getting rid of all types of ants. If you notice any ants in your home, the best thing to do is to capture a few (be careful not to get stung) and call our office to schedule a technician to come out and take a look. As with any type of pest, the damage done may not be obvious, and it takes a trained eye to check your home thoroughly. Contact Germantown Pest Control to schedule your visit today.

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