Memphis, TN Pest Control

A peaceful and welcoming city, Memphis is home to many people from various backgrounds and walks of life. Those who live here enjoy the mild weather and like spending time outdoors, and you probably agree with them if you call it home.

You will find many things you enjoy while living in this area, but Memphis is also home to spiders, bed bugs, ants and several other pests that will go into homes and businesses to make trouble. Some residents try solving the issue but run into setbacks and roadblocks that hurt their progress. Avoid that issue by turning to a team of pest control experts.

Residential Pest Control

If you are at home and spot pests trying to get inside, acting fast is the key to protecting yourself from the threat. Allowing pests to come into your home can expose you to a variety of hazards you don't want to overlook if you care about your property. Our team will come to your home, learn about your situation and make your pest problem a thing of the past. Providing fast and dependable results, our residential pest control experts will have your back and do the job right from the start.

Commercial Pest Control

Pests that find their way inside businesses can cause more problems than you might think, and recovering from the fallout will be hard. Customers who see pests can post pictures on the web, and one bad review can harm your bottom line.

Pests can spark investigations and fines from your local health department if you are not careful, and they could even shut you down. The kind members of our commercial pest control team will come to your business and tackle the threat before the pests know what hit them. We understand you have a business to run, and that is why we will do the job at a time that works best for you.

Pests We Serve:

We provide the following residential and commercial pest services:

Getting Started

Germantown Pest Control & Termite is ready to have your back and meet your needs no matter if you want to free your home or business of unwanted guests. Learning about your needs, situation and desired outcome is how we craft an approach that won't let you down.

We use care in each step we take so that we can get rid of your pest problem without unneeded complications or setbacks. Our team uses their training and experience to find and eliminate any pests that try to bother you. If you are ready to teach the invaders a lesson that they won't soon forget, pick up your phone and contact us today.

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