Oakland Pest Control

Oakland is a quaint town outside of Memphis. Although it has beautiful open spaces for horses to roam, homes often become afflicted by pests like rodents and mosquitoes. At Germantown Termite & Pest Control, we have an experienced team. Our technicians offer residential and commercial pest control services and wildlife removal.

Residential Pest Control

If your home is filled with unwanted creatures, it is important to get rid of them fast. Besides causing destruction to your property, pests like mosquitoes carry diseases that can make you very sick. At the first sign of a problem, it is wise to contact a trusted professional pest control company. We will examine your home, uncover the source of the problem, and safely treat the infestation. Also, we will offer recommendations to keep future issues from starting.

Commercial Pest Control

A business with pest problems will not attract customers, so it is essential to eliminate issues as soon as possible. For both health reasons and to maintain a positive reputation, our experts will safely and effectively keep your company's facility free of pests. By using the newest equipment and techniques, we will keep your business thriving.

Wildlife Removal

Extreme damage and health problems may result from a wildlife infestation. Creatures like raccoons and squirrels can carry diseases that may make you and your family sick. Also, these types of animals can chew on wires and cause electrical fires. Critters may cause damage to your exterior property as well. We will safely deal with your wildlife problems and eliminate them in a humane manner.

Specific Pest Services Offered by Germantown

Why Choose Germantown Pest Control

It is not safe for a homeowner to try to tackle a pest infestation alone. Besides running the risks of contracting a horrible illness, it is not always easy to completely eradicate the problem. Let the experts at Germantown Pest Control attack your issues. We offer services in both residential and commercial settings so that your home and workplace remain safe and free of dangerous creatures.

Our knowledgeable technicians will get to the root of your problem and provide a long-term solution. For a free service quote, contact us at (901)296-0672.

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