Olive Branch, MS Pest Control

Pest insects and rodents are found across the country, especially in urban areas like Olive Branch. When you add humid summers and mild winters to the mix, pests don't die off and will continue to infest properties throughout the year. If a pest infestation is causing issues in your home or business, Contact Germantown Pest Control & Termite can help.

Residential Pest Control

Insects and rodents cause numerous problems once they invade homes. Roaches and mice contaminate food and surfaces with diseases. Bed bugs spread quickly and feed on blood, and termites destroy your home from the inside out. We provide residential pest control services in Olive Branch to treat many types of crawling and flying pests.

Our professional technicians take a step-by-step approach to eliminating residential pests. We'll inspect your home for insects and rodents, use the latest treatments to eliminate them and apply preventative techniques to keep pests out in the future.

Commercial Pest Control

Different pests cause different problems for businesses. A roach infestation can cause a restaurant to shut down for weeks. A bedbug infestation can hurt a hotel's reputation, and ant mounds can ruin the appearance of commercial landscapes across the city. We provide commercial pest control services in Olive Branch and help to eliminate and to prevent infestations.

We want to keep pests from destroying your business's reputation and profits. Once we receive your request, we'll dispatch our certified technicians to your commercial property. From there, we'll take several steps to eliminate the pests inside and outside of your business.

Pests We Serve:

We provide the following services:

Whether it's bed bugs, roof rats or other pests, you don't have to treat the problem on your own. Contact Germantown Pest Control & Termite for a free quote on our residential and commercial services. Our technicians specialize in pest management and will treat an infestation and design a program to keep recurring pest infestations out of your home or business.

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