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Contact Germantown Pest Control & Termite for a wide variety of services. We provide pest control and termite control, as well as Wildlife Removal services. Many of our services are customized for you, the home owner, based on the current condition of your property. Our technicians are very thorough and state certified, and we are known for getting jobs done on time, so call us today.


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Cordova Pest Control

Cordova is a beautiful midsize town in Tennessee with a population of around 60,000 residents, and you will enjoy mild winters and warm summers if you are among those who call this place home. No matter how you spend your time, it’s important you spot pests at the start of an infestation if you would like to minimize the damage.

Pests that get into homes and businesses cause a variety of issues unless you find a way to stop them in their tracks. A lot of people opt for at-home solutions to protect themselves from pests. Although at-home solutions can work, they will never replace the experience and dedication of a pest control professional.


Pests that get into your home can spread diseases and damage your property if you are not careful. Rodents, for example, chew on the wires in your home and create a fire hazard over time.

They can also spread diseases when they get into your kitchen and eat your food. Bedbugs, ants and other insects create a unique set of problems and are not always easy to eliminate. Our team of pest control experts will come to your home at a time that works for you, and they will identify any pests in the area. They will then take proactive steps to turn your pest problem into a thing of the past.


If you run a business and want to keep pests away, you will be happy to discover we also remove pests from commercial properties in the area. You face many of the same problems that homeowners experience when pests get inside and overstay their welcome.

In addition to those problems, you need to consider your reputation and how a pest infestation could impact your bottom line over the long run. One customer spotting a pest on your property is all it takes to impact your profitability. We can come to your business at a time that makes sense for you, and we will handle the problem with discretion.

Wildlife Removal

Snakes, skunks, rodents and other wildlife can get onto your property and make your life difficult. Squirrels that get into your attic make holes in your home and spread harmful pathogens you want to avoid. Skunks living on your property give off an awful smell when they feel stressed or frightened.

If you need wildlife control in Cordova, you will be glad you came to us for help. We can safely address almost any wildlife of which you can think. The trained and experienced team at Germantown Termite & Pest Control will spot, identify and remove any wildlife that has overstayed its welcome.

Getting Started

Not addressing the problem at the start gives wildlife and pests the chance to spread and inflict additional damage. Our dedicated team of experts understands pests and how they behave. We will also learn about your needs and use a solution that makes sense for your exact situation, and our team remains dedicated to meeting your needs from start to finish.

We care about the results we offer and pay attention to each detail along the way. If you are ready to make your pest problem a thing of your past, call Germantown Termite & Pest Control today.